JavaScript vs. Libraries

I found this quite apropos considering some of the stuff I’m working on right now.

Hit the title for the link but here’s the nugget (if you ask me):

A lot of JavaScript developers out there, myself included, love jQuery. … However, if you’re building a small- to medium-sized library, you should seriously consider using vanilla JavaScript.

SVG and d3.js

This is an involved read but very cool nonetheless. Also, if it piques your interest in Sketch App, you should definitely check it out. Creating interactive prototypes quickly and easily is something that many a people have had a shot at – and this approach is definitely very interesting. Here’s the author’s main statement:

I want to share how we quickly develop interactive prototypes, by designing SVG content in graphical apps like Sketch and scripting them using d3.js. The prototypes can then be shared on the web or installed as apps on a device. This allows us to quickly get how an app will feel in the hand of users.

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Modular Content

An interesting read that definitely touches on some current work I’m doing.

The core of the author’s argument:

If we are going to make any progress with content for the web, we are not going to do it by creating a new template or even a new type of content. We are going to do it by changing how content management systems work.

That’s where … modular content comes in.

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Emmet LiveStyle

Here’s a new development from one of my favorite tools to work with for coding and general text work. Live CSS coding that works both ways from browser (or app) to Sublime Text. Pretty damn cool – aside from the weird music in the demo vid…

Read all about it here